Rules World  Championship

Individual competition

In the Preliminary Round each player plays 2×10 games with 30 discs and 3 throws. The best 64 women and men qualify for the Main Round. Each country gets 4 guaranteed places (two in the Women and two in the Men Competition).
In the first Main round the best player from the Preliminary Round plays against the Number 64, the second against Number 63 and so on. If there are less than 64 players, the best ones get an automatic place in the next round. A knock-out match is stopped after 60 minutes. If both players have equal points, a tie break with 6 discs and one throw decides the match. Maximum playing time for one game is 5 minutes. In one box play 10 and 1 indenter. Who isn’t jury, will be the leader of the box.
Both players in a knock out match play each game with 20 discs and two throws. The winner gets two points, at a tie each player gets one point. The player who achieves 9 points first is the winner. If the standing is 9 – 9, a tie break with six discs and one throw decides the game. In the Quarter Final will be played to 9 points, in the Semi Final to 11, in the Final to 13 points.

Team competition

Each country can start with several teams in the Preliminary Round. Only the best team of each country reaches the Main Round.
A team consists of 5 players. In the Preliminary Round and in the Main Round every player plays five games with 30 discs and 3 throws. In the Semi Final and the Final Games each player of each team plays one game against each player of the other team. The winner gets two points for his team, it the game is tied each one gets one point. If both teams achieve equal points, the points in total decide the game. If points in total are also equal, the best players of both countries play a tie break with the rules of the Single Tournament an best of 3. After each round two players can be changed in a team. The players have to be nominated after the Preliminary Round. Members of a team are maximum 8: 5 players, 2 substitute players, One team captain.


The tournament is played with the general Jakkolo reglement. The maximal points are 148. During a throw it is not allowed to stack the discs and to touch the shuffleboard. Discs, that fall into the playing area, shall be considered as played.
Discs which left the shuffleboard can not be used again in the same throw or put back in one box.


In the Preliminary Round all Players are referees in time they don’t play. In the first Main Round women and men are referees at the games of the other gender. In the following rounds the separated players are the referees in the next round. The referee of the final will be determined by the organizer of the World Cup Worldcup Jakkolo / Sjoelen.