Schedule – Sjoelen World Cup - 2017
Day 1 Thursday 25.5.2017
14h30Open Tournament and for those who are there : « meet and greet »
18h30 International Committee meeting for teamleaders
19h00reception at the Townhall for teamleaders
Day 2 Friday 26.5.2017
8h30 à­ 9h00coffee offered
09h15Official Opening
11h00Start preliminaries : 1st round of 10 games
14h30 Start preliminaries : 2nd round of 10 games
17h00Preliminaries Teams : 5 players, 5 games
Day 3 Saturday 27.5.2017
10h00Open tournament
09h30Semifinals Teams (best 4 countries), matches 5/6 and 7/8
10h301st round Main tournament ladies (64 players)
11h151st round Main tournament men (64 players)
12h002nd round Main tournament ladies and men (32 players
12h00 – 14h00lunchbreak
13h303rd round Main tournament ladies and men (16 players)
14h20Quarterfinals ladies and men (8 players)
15h15 Semifinals ladies and men
16h00End registration open tournament
16h00Matches for 3rd place ladies and men
16h45Team finals and match for 3rd place teams
17h30Ladies Final
18h15Men’s final
19h15Victory ceremony
20h15 dinner ….

Saturday 27.05.2017

between 14.30 and 17.00 possibility to play the International friendlies